Christian Education  Ministry Support  Professional Development - E3 Establishing Empowering Equipping Victorious Kingdom Kids
Christian Conferences, Workshops, Seminars & In-Service Trainings may be held at your preferred location and tailored to suit your needs. For more information on scheduling, upcoming events and related fees, please complete the contact us form.
Christian School Instruction Workshops
Bringing Vision to Fruition
Learning Center Approach -Higher Level Thinking Strategies 
School Success Plans 
Leadership Training
Curriculum Framework Development  
Curriculum, Planning & Instruction 
Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum 
Kagan Strategies 
Comprehensive Instruction Sequence
Document Based Questions 
Evaluation & Measurement 
Differentiated Instruction 
Interdisciplinary Team Teaching 
Block Teaching Instruction 
Classroom Management 
Maximizing Technology for Instruction Restoration & Empowerment Seminars for Teachers and Adminisrators
E³xcite Method!
The Christós Instructor!
Paridigm Shift into The Supernatural!
and much more...
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