Christian Education  Ministry Support  Professional Development - E3 Establishing Empowering Equipping Victorious Kingdom Kids
State of Residence: Bradenton, FL.
Husband: Stephen Evans
Daughter: Amani Evans
Place & Date of Birth: Detroit, MI 7/17/69 
Terri L. Evans Terri is currently the founder and C.E.O of SHALOM K.I.D.S. INTERNATIONAL, LLC.  A Christian Education Revivalist, Consulting Business established in 2006 to provide resources and services for Christian Schools and Children’s Ministry. Terri has the privilege of working with a team of Pastors, Educators, Adminstrators and Counselors whom have had favored success in the educational arena. 
Her heart's desire is empowering children to understand their purpose, inheritance and leadership potential to invade earth with Heaven's power through Jesus Christ as their Savior! More information is provided regarding services; including conferences, seminars, training and workshops at   
Terri's background in Education and Children’s Ministry served as a springboard for Shalom KIDS.  As a Tenured Public School Educator, Terri enjoyed training pre- student and student teachers, as well as mentoring new teachers. She participated in successful learning trends since 1993 involving; interdisciplinary school wide projects, smaller learning communities and cross curricular teaming in general and special education.  
Coursework and Training in Leadership Development, Behavioral Studies and Interpersonal Communications fostered her value –added learning approach; empowering students to lead and teach, to elevate thought processes and be creative. Engaging students through a broad use of technology, creative activities and projects lending to personal application and community service built partnerships with local families, businesses and community organizations resulting in meaningful learning experiences for students.
"If this aproach has proven to be so impactful and powerful in public education where our Christian Ministry to students is bathed in intercessory prayer  (since outward expression and empowerment are prohibited) imagine what Christian Schools can do with a similiar method built on God's Blueprint for Christian Schools!"
Thus, through prayer & fasting, meditation, research and an educational leave the E3xcite Method was established in 2009. This method encompasses all domains of learning: Spiritual, Cognitive, Social (Leadership) and Emotional, it fosters creativity and higher level thinking, yet made simple to use with any existing curriculum. "It literally empower teachers and students to move beyond the walls into the limitless power of operating in the Supernatural God given power and authority we have as his children!"
Terri effectively applied similar methods and concepts in Ministry; as a Children’s Church Minister, Director of Children’s Ministry and Christian Education Director. Branching out into market place ministry, observing various Christian Schools, Children’s Ministry and Curriculums inspired her collaboration with Zoe Life Publishing to develop the Read and Write toE³xcite Publishing Program for Christian Schools.
Terri’s book entitled, Humphrey’s Shiny New Helmet! An adventure story was published through Zoe Life Publishing in Dec. 2009 for children ages 4-10. It is a great tool for introducing salvation in a way that children can understand! The message unfolds through a series of fictional characters, and life learning events leading Humphrey to discover His Shiny New Helmet of Salvation as the “real treasure.”  Over 63 children have accepted Jesus as their Savior after readidng the story.
Humphrey Slays the Night Terrors! The next book in the series will be released in early 2015. This adventure demonstrates a powerful message that will help children overcome fear so they can live out their purpose and destiny! 
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